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  1. 电视纪录片《辉煌中国》开播

2. 默克尔德国大选获胜

3. 泰国前总理英拉获刑

4. 微信更换启动页面

5. 中国将采用网络电子身份标识

6.  《北京城市总体规划》获批

7.  《芳华》撤档

8.  《花花公子》创始人休·海夫纳逝世

9.  第15届亚洲艺术节在宁波开幕

10.  首席科学家南仁东逝世

11.  微信成英博物馆首款社交通讯应用藏品



 Amazing China


  A six-episode documentary, Amazing China, co-produced by the Publicity Department of the CPC and China Central Television (CCTV), was aired on the state broadcaster CCTV on September 19.


  The documentary highlights new development concepts of innovation, coordination, greening, opening up and inclusiveness, and summarizes China's social and economic achievements since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).


  The film crew spent three months shooting around 3,200 hours of footages and interviewing 108 people across the country. Finally, the documentary contains 65 true stories, 250 infrastructure projects and 200 sets of economic data in the past five years.


  The documentary has sparked patriotism and a strong sense of pride among the public as it vividly shows China's achievements in infrastructure development, technological innovation, ecological civilization construction, livelihood projects and China's opening-up to the outside world.



episode  n.插曲,(电视连续剧的)集,(连载小说的)节

the Communist Party of China (CPC)  中国共产党

the Publicity Department of the CPC  中共中央宣传部

China Central Television (CCTV)  中央电视台

development concept  发展理念

film crew  影片摄制组

footage  英尺长度,连续镜头,〔展示某一事件的〕影片,影片片段,素材

ecological civilization construction  生态文明建设

livelihood project  民生工程

  2. 德国大选

 German Election


  Angela Merkel won a fourth term as chancellor in elections on Sunday, even as her victory was dimmed by the entry of a far-right party into Parliament for the first time in more than 60 years, according to preliminary results.


  Ms. Merkel’s conservative bloc won some 32.9 percent of the vote, sharply down from 41.5 percent in 2013, the early results showed.


  The center-left Social Democrats slumped to 20.8 percent, a new postwar low, down from 25.7 percent four years ago.


  The Social Democrats, Ms. Merkel’s coalition partners for the last four years, announced Sunday evening that the party would go into opposition, hoping to rebuild their political profile.


  An alternative coalition for Merkel would be a three-way tie-up with the liberal Free Democrats (FDP) and the Ecologist Greens. That is a combination as yet untested at national level and known as the “Jamaica” option because the three parties’ colors are those of the black-gold-green Jamaica national flag.



chancellor  (德、奥等的)总理,(英)大臣

dim  v.使暗淡,使失去光泽,使变模糊  adj. 暗淡的,昏暗的,模糊的,看不清的

far-right party  极右派的,极端保守主义的

preliminary  初步的,开始的,预备的

conservative  保守的

center-left   左倾的

Social Democrats  社会民主党

slump  下降,衰落,倒下,大幅度下降,暴跌

coalition  联合,结合,合并

profile  外形,轮廓,外观,形象

alternative  供选择的,选择性的,交替的

tie-up  联合,联系,协作

the Free Democratic Party (FDP)  自由民主党

the Ecologist Greens  生态绿党

  3. 英拉获刑

 Yingluck trial verdict


  Thailand’s supreme court has found the former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra guilty of negligence and sentenced her to five years in prison, a verdict delivered in absentia a month after she fled the country.


  Yingluck, whose elected government was overthrown in 2014 by the army generals who still control the kingdom, had denied allegations relating to a mishandled and costly rice subsidy scheme.


  On August 25, her lawyer cited an ear problem as the reason for her no-show. However, the court rejected the excuse and delayed the verdict, later issuing an arrest warrant. The junta chief, Prayuth Chan-ocha, ordered border checks to be increased.


  Yingluck’s exact whereabouts are unknown, although Puea Thai party sources said she fled to Cambodia and flew via Singapore to Dubai.


  Stories of her escape, possibly assisted by several police officers, have entranced the country.



supreme court  最高法院

verdict  裁决,裁定,判决

in absentia /?b'sen?i?/  缺席

overthrow  推翻,打倒

allegation   指控,陈述,主张,宣称,陈词,陈述;

mishandle  虐待,错误地处理

junta  (靠武力取得政权的)军政府

whereabouts  下落,行踪,去向,所在之处

entrance  使出神,使入迷

    4. 微信更换启动页面

 WeChat changes splash page


  WeChat announced that it will be rolling out a new image of Earth for its splash page between Sept. 25 and 28. This is the first-ever change that the company has made to its launch screen in its six-year history.


  Since the app’s inception in 2011, WeChat’s splash page has featured an image of Earth called Blue Marble taken from outer space in 1972 by NASA. The new image is captured by Chinese weather satellite Feng Yun-4A.


  Whereas Blue Marble shows Africa at the center of the globe, FY-4A’s snapshot features China. The change is intended to celebrate the major technological breakthroughs of the FY-4 satellite series-China’s second generation of meteorological satellites.


  “The African continent is the origin of human civilization,” WeChat said of the original image. “Only with the emergence of humankind does the ability to communicate exist and have meaning.


  “The FY-4A’s photo is meant along the same vein, to honor the emergence of Chinese civilization by featuring China’s geography to our hundreds of millions of users.”



roll out  推出(新产品或服务),铺开

splash page  初始页面,醒目页面

launch screen  启动画面

inception  (组织或机构的)开创,开端,初期

outer space  太空,外层空间

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)  美国国家航空航天局

weather satellite/meteorological satellite  气象卫星

Blue Marble蓝色弹珠

snapshot  n.快照,简况,大致印象  v.拍快照

vein  n.静脉,血管,纹理,风格  v.使成脉络,使有纹理

    5. 电子身份标识

   electronic identification (eID)


  China is planning to embed personal identity information into SIM cards to better protect citizens’ private information, according to the country’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS).


  Electronic identification, or eID for short, is a secure form of online identity that is embedded in a smart security chip. The identity information cannot leak but can be accessed remotely.


  When making transactions with SIM eIDs, citizens will no longer need to provide personal information, such as their names, address, phone number, and ID number, because online platforms will be able to verify the authenticity and validity of the eID.


  Personal information leakage has become a serious problem in the era of Internet. The technology will greatly lower the risk of identity theft, protecting citizens’ rights to privacy, online transactions, and virtual property.


  According to the Third Research Institute of the MPS, SIM eID technology is just getting started, and electronic identities will be of great use in the future in the self-service areas of immovable assets and food and drug inspection.



Ministry of Public Security (MPS)  中国公安部

online identity  网络身份标识

smart security chip  智能安全芯片

embed  v.栽种,使嵌入,使插入,使深留脑中

verify  v.核实,查证

in the era of  在……的时代

identity theft  身份盗窃,身份盗用

virtual property  虚拟财产

online transaction  网上交易,在线交易

immovable asset  不动产

  6. 北京城市总体规划

 the Beijing Urban Master Plan



  By 2020, the size of resident population in Beijing should be under 23 million and kept at this level thereafter, according to the Beijing Urban Master Plan (2016-35) issued by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council on Wednesday


  “Non-capital functions” of Beijing will be gradually removed. As part of the integrated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Beijing is redeveloping Tongzhou District into a subsidiary administrative center and Xiong’an New Area in Hebei Province will absorb some “non-capital functions” from Beijing.  


  Priority should be given to protection of the environment, with accelerated ecological restoration, an end to illegal occupation of land in shallow mountain areas, and increased forested areas on the plains.


  The document also urged the preservation of the historic city and its features.


  According to the document, more land will be made available for residences, for both rental and purchase, and a long-term mechanism will ensure a healthy real estate market.



thereafter  其后,从那时以后

the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee  中国共产党中央委员会

the State Council  国务院

real estate  不动产,房地产

integrated  综合的,完整的,互相协调的

subsidiary  附属的,辅助的

give priority to  优先考虑

shallow mountain area  浅山区

  7. 《芳华》撤档

  release of Youth halted


  The upcoming China release of Youth, a bittersweet drama from famed director Feng Xiaogang, has been abruptly halted. The film was scheduled for release Sept. 29 and was expected to dominate the charts over the Oct. 1 National Day holiday.


  Youth tracks the tempestuous fates of a People’s Liberation Army dance troupe from the 1966 to the 1990s.


  Some industry insiders believe that the fierce competition during this year's National Day holidays may have played a major role in the rescheduling.



bittersweet  苦乐参半的,又苦又甜的

abruptly  突然地,唐突地

premiere   初次公演,初次上演

tempestuous /tem'pestj??s/  有暴风雨的,暴乱的,剧烈的

troupe  演出团,剧团,歌舞团

speculate   推断

put forth  提出,发表,启航,(植物等)长出,放出

  8. 《花花公子》创始人去世

  the founder of Playboy magazine dies


  Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, has died on Wednesday, aged 91.


  Hefner, who was born in Chicago in 1926, served in the US army in the second world war, graduated from the University of Illinois and worked as a copywriter for Esquire before launching Playboy magazine in December 1953. The first issue, produced from his kitchen and financed with $8,000 from investors, sold more than 50,000 copies.


  Playboy Enterprises expanded to include television, film, resorts, nightclubs, products, charities and a number of websites. By 1971 it was selling 7 million copies a month.


  Hefner said that he was a strong advocate of First Amendment, civil rights and reproductive rights.



copywriter  文案撰稿人

issue  问题,期号,发行物

resort  凭借,手段,度假胜地

First Amendment  (美国宪法)《第一修正案》

reproductive  复制的,生殖的

  9. 第15届亚洲艺术节

 the 15th Asia Arts Festival


  The 15th Asia Arts Festival opened on Saturday night in Ningbo City, east China's Zhejiang Province. This year's event, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Culture and the provincial government of Zhejiang, will last until Oct. 23.


  Exhibitions including "Multiple Spectacles" and "The Echo of Civilization - The beauty of Crafts" are open to visitors.


  In addition to art performances and exhibitions, the festival will include a Lancang-Mekong cultural forum, in which culture ministers from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and China will gather to discuss cultural exchanges and cooperation.


  The Asia Arts Festival was first held in 1998 in Beijing, and statistics shows that over 300 art groups from more than 30 countries and regions in Asia have attended the festival since its inauguration.



Ministry of Culture  文化部

craft  n.太空船,(传统的)工艺,手艺  v. 精巧地制作

in addition to  除…之外(还有,也)

inauguration  n.就职典礼,开始,开创,开幕式

  10. 首席科学家南仁东逝世

  Chief scientist Nan Rendong dies


  Nan Rendong, chief scientist for the world’s largest radio telescope, died of lung cancer on Friday night at 72.


  Nan was the initiator and founder of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope project, which helps humans to explore the universe and search for extraterrestrial civilizations.


  He began work on the project in 1994 and was responsible for choosing its location, conducting feasibility studies, creating preliminary designs while determining its scientific goals and guiding research and tests on its key technologies. Most core members of the project are his students.


  The National Astronomical Observation under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which built the telescope, said in an obituary that according to Nan’s wills, the funeral will be simple and no memorial service will be held.


  It is worth mentioning that the Chinese Academy of Sciences in August announced the 2017 Chinese Academy of Sciences preliminary candidates list, 72-year-old Nan Rendong is the eldest candidate in this election. In May this year, Nan Rendong also won the first “National Innovation Award” Medal. This is another important science and technology award approved and set up by the state, following the National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Invention Award, and the National Science and Technology Progress Award.



initiator  发起人,创始者,教导者

the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope  500米口径球面射电望远镜

extraterrestrial  地球外的

feasibility  可行性,可能性

the National Astronomical Observation  国家天文台

the Chinese Academy of Sciences  中国科学院

obituary  讣告

be worth doing  值得做……

  11. 社交通讯应用藏品

   social media app in collection



  London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has announced on September 15 that it has added China’s WeChat to its collection, making WeChat the world’s first social media app to be put on display at the museum.

9月15日,位于伦敦的英国国立维多利亚与艾伯特博物馆(下称 V&A)宣布将微信纳入该馆收藏,微信也成为首款被V&A纳入藏品行列的社交通讯类应用产品。

  Visitors can now see it in action on both smartphone and tablet in Gallery 76 of the museum.


  The version of the app on display was made specially for the museum and allows the software to be run without accessing the server, thus ensuring visitors and researchers will be able to engage with the app now and in the future.


  The acquisition also includes a full set of Bubble Pup GIFs used in the app as well as design sketches of Bubble Pup intended to tell the story of how a chat sticker is born.


  “It is a fantastically important addition to our collection of digital design, reflecting the ever-changing way we communicate and consume information,” said Tim Reeve, Deputy Director of the V&A.



on display  展览,公开展出

in action  在活动,在运转

Gallery 76  76号展厅

Android Package Kit安卓系统安装文件

server  服务器,(网球、排球等的)发球员

engage with  忙于,从事,与…接洽,交战

Bubble Pub GIF  “气泡狗”表情

sticker  表情符号,尖刀,难题,贴纸,坚持不懈的人

digital design  数字设计

ever-changing  adj.千变万化的,常变的



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