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1. 习近平南海阅兵

2. 菲律宾总统就马尼拉人质劫持事件致歉

3. 扎克伯格出席国会听证会

4. 中国反对英国拍卖行拍卖中国文物

5. BBC承认《人类星球》场景造假

6. 支付宝被罚18万

7. 阿尔及利亚军机坠毁




President Xi reviews navy in South China Sea

图片来源:新华网  新华社记者李刚 摄

President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, has reviewed the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea on Thursday, highlighting that the need to build a strong navy "has never been more urgent than today." He called for efforts to build a first-class navy.


President Xi boarded the missile destroyer Changsha Thursday morning. More than 10-thousand service personnel, 48 vessels and 76 aircraft took part in the review. They included the aircraft carrier Liaoning and the latest submarines, vessels and fighter jets. 


Xi Jinping made a speech after the military review, pledging to speed up the modernization of the navy.


Immediately after the review, the navy launched a full-scale live drill.


The navy review was the largest of its kind in the People's Republic of China since the country's founding in 1949.



military review  阅兵

the South China Sea  南海

service personnel  服务人员;服役人员

aircraft carrier  航空母舰

fighter jet  战斗机

submarine  潜水艇

vessel  舰艇

missile destroyer  导弹驱逐舰

live drill  实兵演习




Philippine President apologizes for Manila hostage crisis

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday that he formally apologized for the 2010 hostage-taking incident in Manila that killed eight tourists from China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Speaking to the Filipino community in Hong Kong, Duterte said that Manila has yet to make an "official apology" over the incident."There has been no official apology coming form the Philippines regarding that incident that happened in August 2010," Duterte said.


"From the bottom of my heart, as the President of the Republic of the Philippines and on behalf of the people of the Philippines, may I apologize formally to you now," Duterte was quoted by Philippine media as saying in a meeting with Filipinos in Hong Kong.


"We are sorry that the incident happened and as humanely possible, I would like to make this guarantee also that it will never, never happen again," he said.


A bus with 21 Hong Kong tourists onboard was hijacked in the Philippine capital Manila on Aug. 23, 2010. The 11-hour hostage crisis ended with eight Hong Kong tourists killed in a bungled police rescue.


Duterte arrived in Hong Kong on Tuesday for a three-day informal visit after attending the Boao Forum for Asia in China's Hainan Province.



Manila  马尼拉(菲律宾首都)

hostage-taking  劫持人质

on behalf of 代表,为了

hijack  n. 劫持;威逼;敲诈  vt. 抢劫;揩油  vi. 拦路抢劫

bungle  n. 粗劣;失败;笨拙  vi. 把工作搞糟  vt. 笨手笨脚地做;把…搞糟




Zuckerberg's Senate hearing

This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before members of Congress, splitting his visit into two days of questioning. There were expected queries regarding the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal, about whether Facebook has grown too large and could be considered a monopoly, and how to better regulate the platform.


Over the two days, there were nearly 10 hours of hearings, during which almost 100 lawmakers grilled Mr. Zuckerberg.


While Tuesday’s Senate hearing contained tough questions, the lawmakers were generally deferential to the executive. That was less the case in the House, where lawmakers repeatedly interrupted Mr. Zuckerberg and chided him for not answering questions to their satisfaction.


Lawmakers on both side of the aisle on Wednesday pushed Mr. Zuckerberg on his company’s handling of user data. They were particularly focused on the platform’s privacy settings, which put the onus on users to protect their privacy. 



split into  分裂成

data breach  数据泄露

deferential  恭敬的

the Senate  参议院

the House of Representatives  众议院

chide  责备,斥责

to one's satisfaction  使某人满意

onus  责任,义务;负担




China criticizes UK auction house for sale of relic

A bronze relic allegedly looted from China has been sold for 410,000 British pounds at an auction in the United Kingdom despite strong opposition from China.


According to Canterbury Auction Galleries, Tiger Ying, a rare Chinese bronze water vessel with its spout and lid cast with models of tigers, dates back some 3,000 years with an estimated value price of 120,000 to 200,000 pounds. Letters from former Royal Marines Captain Harry Lewis Evans say that the relic was taken by him during the looting of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860.


A statement by China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage on Tuesday said it "firmly opposes and strongly condemns" the auction. It also called for an international boycott of the auction.


“The State Administration of Cultural Heritage will closely follow development of the incident, and will promote the return of illegally-discharged cultural relics by all necessary means in accordance with relevant international conventions and Chinese laws,” reads the statement.



Royal Marines  英国皇家海军陆战队

loot  n. 战利品;抢劫;掠夺品  vt. 抢劫,洗劫;强夺  vi. 洗劫,掠夺;抢劫

Old Summer Palace  圆明园

State Administration of Cultural Heritage  国家文物局

boycott  联合抵制

cultural relic  文物;文化遗产




BBC admits scenes in Human Planet were faked

The BBC has admitted that a scene from a television documentary series showing tribal people living high up in treehouses was faked by the makers of the programme.


An episode of the eight-part Human Planet series, which aired in 2011, depicted the life of the Korowai people of Papua New Guinea and included members moving into a treehouse.


The BBC said that during the making of a new documentary series for BBC2, entitled My Year With The Tribe, it emerged that the treehouse scene had been staged.


It is not the first time that the eight-part series, narrated by the actor John Hurt, has been embroiled in a fakery scandal. In 2015 it emerged that the production crew used a semi-domesticated wolf after being unable to find a “wild” wolf to film on location.


In 2011 it emerged that the BBC had filmed shots of a tarantula spider in a studio for an episode about wildlife in the Venezuela jungle.


The BBC said: “Since this programme was broadcast in 2011 we have strengthened our mandatory training for all staff in editorial guidelines, standards and values.”



Papua New Guinea  巴布亚新几内亚

embroil in  卷入;牵连

production crew  采油队;剧组工作人员

tarantula [tə'ræntjʊlə] spider  狼蛛

Venezuela [,vɛnɪ'zwelə]  委内瑞拉

mandatory  adj.强制的;托管的;命令的 n.受托者(等于mandatary)

semi-domesticated  半驯养的

on location  出外景;现场拍摄




Alipay got fined 

Online payment giant Alipay has been fined 180,000 yuan by the People's Bank of China for regulatory violations, reports huanqiu.com.


The Hangzhou sub-branch of the PBOC issued the fine on March 22, 2018, punishing Alipay for violating rules connected to client rights and interests, product promotion and personal information protection.


According to the PBOC, Alipay failed to secure its user's right to know and right to make independent choices. The central bank also says Alibaba distributed misleading publicity and published false data about consumer complaints. Alipay is also accused of inappropriately collecting and misusing personal financial information.


Alipay has issued a statement, saying it is working to fix the issues discovered by the Hangzhou central sub-branch of the PBOC in late 2017.



right to know  知情权

right to make independent choices  自主选择权

be accused of  被指控

fix the issues  修复/解决问题




Algerian military plane crash

At least 257 people were killed on Wednesday when a military plane crashed near the Algerian capital, Algiers, state media reported.


The plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Boufarik air base, between Algiers and the city of Blida. The defence ministry said in a statement that 247 passengers and 10 crew were killed without mentioning any survivors. Most of those on board were army members and their families, it said.


Wednesday's plane crash was the deadliest since 2014, when 298 people were killed when a Malaysian airlines jet was shot down over Ukraine.


The plane was supposed to go from Boufarik to Tindouf, and then on to Bashar, which are both towns on the Algerian-Morocco border, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.



military plane  军用飞机

plane crash  空难,飞机坠毁

air base  空军基地

defence ministry  国防部

on board  在船(火车、飞机)上

Malaysian airlines  马来西亚航空公司(马航)

shot down  击落;打垮


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