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1. 联合国庆祝75周年

2. 国庆装饰花篮亮相天安门广场

3. 李心草溺亡案宣判

4. 秋天的第一杯奶茶

5. 研究生论文作假纳入征信系统




UN celebrates 75th anniversary

The United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary, but for the first time global leaders have been marking the event virtually because of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. The UN General Assembly begins on Tuesday with events planned throughout the week. 


The UN has reiterated its mantra that "multilateralism is not an option but a necessity," and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged members to work together, as COVID-19 challenges the effectiveness and solidarity of the international organisation.


China firmly supports the United Nations' central role in global affairs and opposes any country acting like the hegemon, bully or boss of the world, President Xi Jinping said on Monday. Xi made the remark in a video speech delivered at a high-level meeting in honor of the UN's 75th anniversary. "No country has the right to dominate global affairs, control the destiny of others or keep advantages in development all to itself," Xi said.


(英文来源:CGTN、China Daily)


reiterate /riˈɪtəreɪt/  vt. 重申;反复地做

mantra /ˈmæntrə/  (佛教和印度教中的) 祷语;准则;咒语(尤指四吠陀经典内作为咒文或祷告唱念的);颂歌;经常重复的言论或口号

multilateralism /ˌmʌltiˈlætərəlɪzəm/  n. 多边主义

necessity /nəˈsesəti/  n. 需要;必然性;必需品

solidarity /ˌsɒlɪˈdærəti/  n. 团结,团结一致

hegemon  n. 霸权国,霸主




"Flower basket" decorates Tian'anmen Square ahead of National Day holiday


An 18-meter-tall display in the shape of a flower basket has been placed at the center of Tian'anmen Square as a decoration for China's National Day holiday.


The basket contains representative flowers from all over the country and decorative fruits with auspicious meanings.


Along Chang'an Boulevard, the main artery of Beijing that forms the northern boundary of the square, 10 floral displays will be placed with different themes depicting China's development and achievements. 




auspicious /ɔːˈspɪʃəs/ adj. 有助于成功的,有利的;吉祥的,吉利的;富裕的

boulevard  n. 林荫大道;(美)大马路  adj. 娱乐性的  vt. 给…提供林阴大街;把…建成林阴大街

artery  n. 动脉;干道;主流

floral  adj. 花的;植物的,植物群的;花似的

depict  vt. 描述;描画




Man sentenced for role in drowning of Li Xincao


The Panlong District People's Court in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, sentenced a man to 18 months in prison on Monday for negligently causing the death of an 18-year-old female student a year ago.


Luo Bingqian, the 22-year-old defendant, was also ordered to pay 63,257 yuan ($9,336) in compensation to the victim's mother, Chen Meilian.


Luo pleaded guilty on Saturday and said he was willing to accept punishment. As Luo fulfilled part of his obligations to take care of Li Xincao, who drowned in a river while drunk, and turned himself in, the court gave him a lighter sentence.


The case attracted public attention in October after Chen posted a message on Sina Weibo, the biggest microblogging platform in China, saying the police had told her that her daughter committed suicide and then posted a three-minute clip of surveillance footage taken at the bar that showed Luo slapping Li's face twice.


(英文来源:China Daily)


negligently /ˈneɡlɪdʒəntli/  adv. 疏忽地;粗心大意地

turn oneself in  投案自首

clip (金属或塑料的)夹子,回形针;首饰别针;剪短;修剪;电影片段;(用手)猛击,抽打;子弹夹;弹匣

surveillance footage  监控视频




the first cup of milk tea in autumn


“The first cup of milk tea in autumn” was trending on Chinese social media yesterday as over 400 thousand Weibo users discussed the topic and set about treating friends to cups of tea.


What’s the story? September 22 is the Autumn Equinox according to the Chinese traditional calendar and the idea of giving a friend an online money transfer for their “first cup of milk tea in autumn” trended heavily yesterday. Although lots of people had no idea why the action of offering to pay for a friend’s tea had become so popular, they still posted screenshots of their chats with friends or family members containing money transfer records on social media.


This sudden popularity brought obvious benefits to milk tea shops. According to a milk tea shop server, his shop saw a 30% sales increase yesterday. “All this was sudden, so we were not prepared and customers had to wait,” said the barista.




set about  着手;开始做…

Autumn Equinox /ˈekwɪnɒks/  n. 春分;秋分;昼夜平分点

screenshot  屏幕截图

barista /bəˈriːstə/  咖啡师;咖啡店员




Postgraduate students committing fraud in dissertations to be recorded in social credit system


Postgraduate students who commit fraud in their graduation dissertations or theses will be recorded in the national social credit system, a new guideline said on Tuesday. The guideline, jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance, asked universities and research institutes to intensify their efforts to crack down on academic misconduct.


Academic integrity should be an important part of postgraduate education and training for supervisors, and dissertation writing guidance should be compulsory for all students, the guideline said.


Education authorities should increase the percentage of students going through random dissertation inspection, and should revoke the accreditation of disciplines that fail to ensure the quality of such works, it said.


It also asked universities and research institutes to impose stricter evaluation standards for supervisors, including their work ethic, academic performance and efforts in supervising students.


(英文来源:China Daily)


dissertation  n. 论文,专题;学术演讲

thesis  n. 论文;论点

crack down  镇压;取缔;劈啪击下

compulsory  n. (花样滑冰、竞技体操等的)规定动作  adj. 义务的;必修的;被强制的

accreditation  n. 委派;信赖;鉴定合格

work ethic  职业道德;职业伦理

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