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  1.  国家主席习近平致新年贺词

2.  2017支付宝全民账单出炉

3.  《火与怒:特朗普白宫内幕》出版

4.  游客曝雪乡宰客猖獗

5.  中国人民解放军仪仗队首次升旗

6.  伊朗反政府抗议爆发

7.  美国加州成首个“庇护州”

8.  世界首条光伏高速公路开通

9.  苍井空宣布婚讯

  1. 新年贺词

    New Year Address


  Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday delivered a New Year Address in Beijing.


  In the speech, President Xi extended his New Year greetings to Chinese people of all ethnic groups, to compatriots in the Hong Kong SAR, the Macao SAR and Taiwan, to overseas Chinese,as well as to people from all countries and regions around the world.


  President Xi hailed China’s achievements in 2017 in his New Year Address, saying that China has embarked on a journey to fully build a modern socialist country.


  He highlighted that there has been a steady flow of technological innovation and major engineering feats in 2017, applauding the creative powers of the Chinese people.


  Xi said that the year of 2017 marked the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, and the 80th anniversary of the beginning of nationwide war against Japanese aggression. China also held a state memorial ceremony for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, Xi said.


  Xi vowed that China would resolutely carry out reform in 2018.



New Year Address  新年贺词

modern socialist country  社会主义现代化国家

hail  n.冰雹;致敬; v.致敬;向...欢呼;使像下雹样落下

feat  n.功绩,壮举;技艺表演 adj. 合适的;灵巧的

People’s Liberation Army (PLA)  人民解放军

nationwide war against Japanese aggression  全民抗战

state memorial ceremony  国家公祭仪式

  2. 支付宝全民账单

  Alipay national bill


  On January 2, Alipay released 2017 national bill. About 82 percent of the 520 million Alipay users paid for goods and services via the platform in 2017, according to the report. More than 40 million brick-and-mortar stores nationwide have enabled mobile payment in the past year.


  The frequent use of mobile payments enabled about 41.5 million users to enjoy services without having to pay for deposits, and was worth more than 40 billion yuan last year thanks to good Alipay credit records.


  However, the news that Sesame Credit, China’s credit scoring system, accessed user's personal information by default when they opened their annual spending report from Alipay stirred uproar from Alipay users and raised concerns that the company was sharing its users' information without their consent.


  Sesame Credit apologized to Alipay users for the problem on Wednesday. The company also said users' privacy and personal information remain of great importance, and that they collect data only with user's consent and in accordance with the law.



brick-and-mortar store  实体店面

mobile payment  移动支付

by default  缺席;默认

credit scoring system  信用评分系统

with/without one’s consent  征得/未经某人同意

  3. 《火与怒:特朗普白宫内幕》

  Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House


  Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by journalist Michael Wolff containing numerous damaging allegations about the Trump administration was due out on Tuesday but Mr Wolff says it will now be available for purchase on Friday.


  The book cites former top aide Steve Bannon as describing a meeting with a group of Russians as "treasonous".


  The book is reportedly based on more than 200 interviews but some of the book's excerpts have already been criticised and questioned.


  Mr Trump's press secretary, Sarah Sanders, has rebuffed Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House as "trashy tabloid fiction".


  Mr Trump said he had not given Wolff access to the White House nor spoken to him for the book, which he said was "full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist". He earlier said Mr Bannon - who was sacked in August - had "lost his mind" after losing his White House position.



treasonous  叛逆的;谋反的;犯叛国罪的

press secretary  新闻秘书

rebuff  n./v. 断然拒绝,回绝;漠不关心

tabloid  n. 小报;药片;文摘;小型画报 adj. 小报式的;缩略的;轰动性的;扼要的

misrepresentation  虚假的言论;歪曲;误传

  4. 雪乡宰客

  Snow Town found fleecing guests


  A guesthouse in Snow Town on the outskirts of Hailin, Heilongjiang province, has been punished by the local tourist authorities for overcharging customers.


  The manager of the Zhaojiadayuan guesthouse has been fired 59,000 yuan, and the business has been suspended.


  The suspension comes after WeChat posts by a tourist who complained of being overcharged by the guesthouse and told to switch rooms began circulating online on Friday.


  The post also mentioned that a bowl of instant noodles at the tourist center was priced at 60 yuan, about 12 times the normal price.


  The post attracted widespread public attention and put the town-well-known for its farm-based tourism-at the center of a controversy. The town was awarded the title of "National Civilized Village" by the Central Committee of Civilization in 2012.


  Shortly after the post began to spread online, inspectors from the administration descended on the town to investigate. Their findings confirmed the guesthouse had been overcharging customers. However, inspectors denied the tourist's complaint about finding a bowl of instant noodles priced at 60 yuan.



fleece  n.羊毛 v.剪羊毛;欺诈,剥削

on the outskirts of  在…的郊区

instant noodles  速食面,方便面

Central Committee of Civilization  中央文明委

descend on  降落在;冲向;(突然)袭击;突击

(英文来源:China Daily)

  5. 中国人民解放军仪仗队

   the Guard of Honor of the Chinese People's Liberation Army


  The Guard of Honor of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) performed their first flag-raising ceremony at Tian'anmen Square in central Beijing at 7:36 am on Monday. Before Jan. 1, the flag-raising duty was conducted by the armed police.


  The responsibility for guarding China's national flag and firing salute cannons at the Tian'anmen Square was transferred to the Chinese People's Liberation Army from Jan. 1, 2018, as authorized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.


  There were seven additional changes to the flag-raising ceremony. Eight buglers of the military band at Tian'anmen Rostrum will now perform newly composed music on the first day of each month's flag-raising ceremony.


  The number of soldiers guarding the national flag will be increased from 36 to 96 on the first day of each month; during ordinary times, the number will be increased from 36 to 66. And the flag-raising time will be reduced to just 46 seconds.


  Other changes include the position of the military band and the time of playing "Ode to the Motherland," as well as some adjustment to flag-guarding actions and the size of the flag-raising team, adjusted to three soldiers dressed in army, navy and air force uniforms, thus representing the entire PLA.


  On the very first day of 2018, more than 90,000 visitors at Tiananmen Square witnessed history during the capital's flag-raising ceremony.



flag-raising ceremony  升旗仪式

armed police  武警

fire salute cannons  礼炮鸣放

bugler  号手

Tian'anmen Rostrum  天安门城楼

military band  军乐团

Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) 中国人民解放军

  6. 伊朗反政府抗议

  Iran anti-government protests


  On Friday, protests erupted in some Iranian major cities over the raised prices of some basic commodities.


  Although they started over high living costs, they quickly spread across the country and turned against the Islamic system as a whole.


  In the capital Tehran, people took to the streets to protest the mishandling of economy by President Hassan Rouhani's administration.


  Rouhani addressed the nation first on last Sunday night, breaking his silence over the biggest test for the regime since mass demonstrations in 2009.


  Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday warned of the enemies' all-out efforts, including inciting unrest, to harm the Islamic Republic.


  Thousands of people in different Iranian cities held pro-government rallies on Wednesday to condemn anti-government protests over the past week.


  According to unofficial reports, at least 20 people, including civilians and security policemen, were killed and dozens of others injured.



incite  煽动;激励;刺激

mishandling  处置不当

mass demonstration  大规模游行示威

  7. 庇护州

  sanctuary state


  California made history by becoming the first "sanctuary state" in the United States as a new law SB (Senate Bill) 54, unofficially called a "sanctuary state" bill, went into effect Monday.

2018年1月1日,“庇护州法”SB 54号州法案正式生效,加利福尼亚州成为美国历史上第一个非法难民庇护州。

  The law passed the state Legislature in September and was signed into law by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown the following month.

2017年9月,加州议会通过SB 54号州法案。同年10月,该法案由民主党籍州长杰里·布朗签署成为法律。

  "It protects public safety but it also protects hardworking people who contribute a lot to California," Brown said.


  The law prohibits California and local law enforcement agencies from using its resources, such as its funds or personnel and cooperating with federal agencies to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or arrest people for immigration enforcement purposes.


  The law triggered a national debate over how far states and cities can go to prevent their officers from enforcing federal immigration laws.



sanctuary  n.避难所,庇护

make history  创造历史,做出影响历史进程的大事

Senate Bill  州参议院法案

go into effect  生效

sign into law  签署成为法律

enforcement agency  执法机构

federal agency  联邦机构

trigger a debate  引发争论,引发辩论

enforce laws  执法

  8. 光伏高速公路

   solar expressway


  China on last Thursday opened a 1-km section solar expressway for testing. Solar panels are laid beneath part of a ring road surrounding Jinan. The road surface is made of a transparent, weight-bearing material that allows sunlight to penetrate.


  The panels, covering 5,875 square meters, can generate 1 million kwh of power in a year, enough to meet the everyday demand of around 800 households.


  The road has a designed life of 20 years. It has three layers -- a concrete layer pervious to light on top; amorphous silicon panels in the middle; a waterproof insulate protection layer at the bottom.


  Electricity produced by the test section will be used to power highway lights, signboards, surveillance cameras, tunnels and toll gate facilities. Surplus power will be supplied to the state grid. Future functions to be developed include mobile charging for electric vehicles and providing internet connection.



solar panel  太阳能电池板

generate power  发电

designed life  设计寿命

concrete layer  混凝土层

pervious  adj.能被通过的,能接受的,可渗透的

amorphous silicon  非晶硅,非晶矽

surveillance camera  监控摄像机

toll gate  收费站

state grid  国家电网

  9. 苍井空宣布婚讯

   Sola Aoi announced her marriage


  Popular Japanese adult entertainment star known as Sola Aoi has tied the knot.


  On Jan. 1, she uploaded a letter written in Chinese to her account on the popular Chinese social network Weibo announcing her marriage.


  The letter read, “It’s been 15 years since I debuted in entertainment, and I was worried about sharing the news of my marriage because I am afraid fans might not like to hear about it.”


  She added, “My mother got married at 23, and I am already over 30. I always wanted to get married, have a baby and form a family.”


  Her husband is a DJ at a nightclub in Shibuya, Tokyo.



debut  n.初次登台;开张 v.初次登台

tie the knot  结婚

nightclub  夜总会



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