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1.  《2017年国民经济和社会发展统计公报》发布

2.  章丘铁锅热卖

3.  念慈菴川贝枇杷膏走红

4.  失踪留英中国学生死亡

5.  宪法誓词拟作修改

6.  全国卫生12320官微就阿胶争议致歉

7.  北京8分钟

8.  《舌尖上的中国》第三季引争议




a communiqué on China's economic and social development in 2017

China's economy accounted for 15 percent of the world's economy in 2017, expanding by three percentage points compared with five years ago, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced.


The NBS on Wednesday released a communiqué on China's economic and social development in 2017, which Chinese economists say shows that the world's second largest economy has landed softly while continuously optimizing its structure.


China's economy, with GDP worth 82.7 trillion yuan ($13 trillion) and 6.9 percent year-on-year growth in 2017, remained an important growth engine for global economic recovery, the communiqué said. China's contribution to world economic growth stood at around 30 percent in 2017.


NBS chief statistician Sheng Laiyun said the communiqué highlighted sound economic growth, greater overall national strength and international influence, better quality growth, and new growth engines.


China's foreign trade stood at 27.79 trillion yuan in 2017, up 14.2 percent year-on-year. Exports grew by 10.8 percent and imports rose by 18.7 percent. Its goods surplus narrowed by 473.4 billion yuan in 2017, indicating a more balanced trade, the NBS said.


Trade with countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road initiative rose by 17.8 percent to 7.37 trillion yuan.



percentage point  百分点

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)  国家统计局

communiqué  【法语】公报;公告

soft landing  软着陆

optimize structure  优化结构

year-on-year  与上年同期数字相比的

overall national strength  综合国力

growth engine  增长引擎,成长引擎

foreign trade  对外贸易

trade surplus/deficit  贸易顺差/逆差

the Belt and Road initiative  “一带一路”倡议




Zhangqiu Iron Wok

The Zhangqiu Iron Wok made in east China’s Shandong province went viral overnight after a popular food-themed documentary started broadcasting last Monday, Jinan Times reported on Friday.



A Bite of China, the documentary which explores the relationship between Chinese people and food, returned for its third season during the lunar New Year holiday, and the first episode makes a variety of cookware used in Chinese cooking a hit, including the famous iron wok.



Many viewers said they plan to buy such a mirror-like handcrafted wok made through complicated means. A large number of locals and visitors swarmed into the showcase store in Jinan to buy an iron wok that was featured in the episode, or to see how the famous wok is made.



According to the current statistics, almost 3,000 woks were sold on Monday night. Up to now, the store owned by Liu Zimu, one of the inheritors of the iron wok, has received over 100,000 orders, half of which are from overseas.



go viral  疯狂传播,走红

make … a hit  大获成功

swarm into  涌入

feature  n.特色,特征;容貌;特写或专题节目vi.起重要作用vt.特写;以…为特色;由…主演

up to now  到目前为止,至今,迄今




Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa


A traditional Chinese cough syrup, called Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, is flying off the shelves in New York stores this flu season, following a US news report.



The remedy, often referred to simply as Pei Pa Koa, is sold for as much as US$70 (S$92) online through third parties for a 300ml bottle, the Wall Street Journal said.



Shares of Kingworld Medicines Group, a Hong Kong-listed pharmaceutical company that produces the remedy, soared 25 per cent on Monday (Feb 26) following the report.



A 300ml bottle is now sold at US$13.29 on Walmart's online platform. This is more than double the price in some pharmacies in Manhattan's Chinatown, selling at about US$6 per bottle.



"The number of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa we sold over the past few days was much more than usual," Winnie, a sales staff member of Buy-rite pharmacy in Chinatown, told Xinhua on Monday.



More and more Westerners are accepting this remedy not only because it is effective, but also because its packaging is very convenient for consumption, she said.



cough syrup  止咳糖浆

fly off  飞离,飞散,挥发;消散;发射;违抗,背叛

pharmaceutical [fɑːmə'suːtɪk(ə)l]  n.药物;adj.制药(学)的

pharmacies  药房(pharmacy的复数);制药业;药剂学

Walmart  沃尔玛




missing Chinese student found dead

A Chinese student who disappeared in London two weeks ago was found dead on Wednesday.



Police discovered the body of Yan Sihong, a doctorate student at King’s College London, at an address in Westminster.



The death was not being treated as suspicious and police said her next of kin had been informed.



Earlier this week her parents appealed for help on social media, saying their daughter failed to contact them for a weekend online video chat and had not returned phone calls.



The Chinese embassy in Britain issued a statement on Wednesday confirming the death.



“The embassy has been informed by police that Yan was found dead in her residence. The relevant investigation is ongoing. The embassy has informed the family and will provide assistance. The family has asked to respect the privacy [of the deceased],” the statement said.



Another student has been reported missing from Imperial College, another university in London, according to the college’s Chinese students’ association.



Rong Luqi was last seen on February 25 and left a message on a social media group telling friends to call the police because she had been kidnapped.



King’s College London  伦敦国王学院

Imperial College  帝国理工学院

next of kin  最近的血亲,最亲的亲戚




China to revise oath of allegiance for officials

China plans to revise the oath of allegiance to the Constitution taken by people in public office to include adjectives of "great" and "modern" before "a socialist country." The draft revision was submitted to a session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), the top legislature, for review on Friday.



While most parts of the oath remain unchanged, the last phrase is suggested to be changed into "to work for a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful," according to the draft.



Zhang Yong, vice chair of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee, said the change was made to align the oath with the country's development goal envisioned by the Communist Party of China (CPC) at its 19th National Congress last October.



Members of supervisory commissions at all local levels and those of a upcoming national supervisory commission should also be required to take the oath upon assuming office. All oath takers should be required to sing the national anthem, he said.



oath of allegiance  效忠宣誓

public office  公职

draft revision  修订草案

be submitted to  提交给…;服从于…

the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress  全国人大常委会

align … with …  使…与…相符合

supervisory commission  监察委员会

take oath  宣誓

assume office  就职,到任

national anthem  国歌




controversy over donkey-hide gelatin

In an article published last week by 12320 Management Center — a hotline health service center under the National Health and Family Planning Commission — on its microblog account, it said ejiao is nothing but donkey hide cooked in water, and the main portion is composed of collagen protein, which is not a good source of protein for human bodies.



The center published a statement on the account on Monday in which it said the article was created by others, and apologized for forwarding it. It said the center failed to inspect the article carefully, resulting in confusion among the general public. The statement said the center will improve its oversight in the future to provide better health information. It deleted the article before publishing the statement.



The statement was followed by more than 7,800 comments as of Thursday, with many supporting the critical article. Others said ejiao does indeed have beneficial effects. TCM believes that it benefits spleen and stomach.



Ejiao has been the source of much controversy over the past few years, and the price of the product has soared. It is recognized as a TCM drug by the China Food and Drug Administration, with effects such as providing nutrition, stopping bleeding and increasing energy.



National Health and Family Planning Commission  国家卫生和计划生育委员会

China Food and Drug Administration  国家食品药品监督管理总局

donkey hide  驴皮

gelatin  明胶;动物胶;胶制品

ejiao / donkey-hide gelatin  阿胶

collagen protein  胶原蛋白

forward  adj./adv.向前的(地);提前的(地) v.促进;转寄;传达

beneficial effect  有益效果,有利影响

TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)  中医

spleen  脾脏




Beijing 8 Minutes


The 2018 Winter Olympics wrapped up with the closing ceremony Sunday night, and as the host of the 2022 Games in Beijing, China presented an eight-minute handover show that incorporated many high-tech elements.



Unlike Athens which focused on displaying Chinese history with traditional elements like red lantern and jasmine, “Beijing 8 Minutes” emphasized the Chinese people’s sincere welcome to the world using modern technology.



Performers danced with 24 intelligent robots – representing Beijing hosting the 24th Winter Olympics – as they showed scenes of sports such as skating and skiing.



During the whole performance the dancers and robots both wore LED lights on them. The uniforms were also made with graphene to keep the dancers warm.



Images were projected to the icy floor while dancers skated across it, creating a sense of augmented reality. A number of moving monitors in the middle of the field were also controlled by artificial intelligence.



wrap up  包裹;圆满完成;(使)穿得暖和(wrap somebody/yourself up);注意力完全集中于……

closing ceremony  闭幕式

Winter Olympics  冬季奥运会

grapheme  石墨烯;单层石墨

augmented reality  增强现实

artificial intelligence  人工智能




"A Bite of China" Season 3

When the Chinese documentary series A Bite of China debuted in 2012, its bucolic scenes of mushroom gathering, mud fishing, and family reunions sparked something deep in the Chinese psyche. The food safety crises of the past decade were still fresh in the mind, along with the idea of urbanization robbing the country of its rich food heritage. In short, the series was a runaway hit, and has become a cultural mainstay.



After such a warm reception for the first episodes, it wasn’t a surprise that season two, which was broadcast in 2014, suffered from second album syndrome. So, it was anyone’s guess how the third season, which began airing during the Spring Festival on CCTV. Now, the verdict seems to be in: disappointment.



On Douban.com, the equivalent of IMDb for China, its score has fallen from 8.7 on the day of its premier down to 4.2 one week later. On social media, critics have been ruthless about what they complain are factual inaccuracies.



No doubt China, with its endless culinary innovation, has a story to tell about the infinitely complex systems that bring us our food — the third season of “A Bite of China” doesn’t tell it.



A Bite of China  舌尖上的中国

bucolic   n. 田园诗;农夫  adj. 牧歌的;牧羊的;乡下风味的

fresh in the mind  记忆犹新

second album syndrome  续集综合征

IMDb  网路电影资料库(Internet Movie Database)



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