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新华社记者 刘卫兵 摄



Ultimately, it is for the peoples of China and Africa to judge the performance of China-Africa cooperation.


No one could undermine the great unity between the Chinese people and the African people.




With similar fate in the past and a common mission, China and Africa have extended sympathy to and helped each other throughout all the years. Together, we have embarked on a distinctive path of win-win cooperation.




China values sincerity, friendship and equality in pursuing cooperation. 


For China, we are always Africa's good friend, good partner and good brother. 


No one could undermine the great unity between the Chinese people and the African people.

❷ 中国在合作中坚持义利相兼、以义为先。

China pursues common interests and puts friendship first in pursuing cooperation. 


China follows the principle of giving more and taking less, giving before taking and giving without asking for return. With open arms, we welcome African countries aboard the express train of China's development.


No one could hold back the Chinese people or the African people as we march toward rejuvenation.


China takes a people-oriented approach in pursuing practical cooperation with efficiency.


Ultimately, it is for the peoples of China and Africa to judge the performance of China-Africa cooperation.


No one could deny the remarkable achievements made in China-Africa cooperation, not with their assumption or imagination.

❹ 中国在合作中坚持开放包容、兼收并蓄。

China takes an open and inclusive approach to cooperation.


China welcomes and supports all initiatives that meet Africa's interests, and believes that it should be the same with the wider international community.


No one could stand in the way or obstruct international efforts to support Africa's development.


习近平指出,13亿多中国人民始终同12亿多非洲人民同呼吸、共命运,始终尊重非洲、热爱非洲、支持非洲,坚持做到“五不”("five-no" approach),即:

► 不干预非洲国家探索符合国情的发展道路

no interference in African countries' pursuit of development paths that fit their national conditions;


no interference in African countries' internal affairs;


no imposition of our will on African countries;


no attachment of political strings to assistance to Africa;


and no seeking of selfish political gains in investment and financing cooperation with Africa.


We hope this "five-no" approach could apply to other countries as they deal with matters regarding Africa.


习近平指出,当今世界正在经历百年未有之大变局。和平与发展(peace and development)是当今时代的主题,也是时代的命题。

► 面对时代命题,中国把为人类作出新的更大贡献作为自己的使命。

To respond to the call of the times, China takes it its mission to make new and even greater contribution to mankind.


China is ready to jointly promote the Belt and Road Initiative with international partners. 


China will get actively involved in global governance and stay committed to the vision of consultation, cooperation and benefit for all in global governance.

► 中国坚定不移坚持对外开放。

China will remain committed to opening-up. 


习近平主席指出,中非早已结成休戚与共的命运共同体,我们愿同非洲人民心往一处想、劲往一处使,携手打造责任共担、合作共赢、幸福共享、文化共兴、安全共筑、和谐共生的中非命运共同体(China-Africa community with a shared future)


Assume our joint responsibility


[We could] enhance mutual understanding and support on issues involving each other's core interests and major concerns


Pursue win-win cooperation


We could both seize the opportunity created by the complementarity between our respective development strategies and the major opportunities presented by the Belt and Road Initiative.


Deliver happiness for all of us


Making lives better for our people is what we aim to achieve in growing China-Africa relations; so we need to make sure our cooperation delivers real benefits to us both in China and in Africa.


Enjoy cultural prosperity


By enhancing exchanges, mutual learning and harmonious co-existence of our civilizations, we will inject lasting impetus into invigorating our civilizations and cultures, enriching our artistic creations, and provide rich cultural nourishment for China-Africa cooperation.


Enjoy common security


We firmly support African countries and the African Union as well as other regional organizations in Africa in solving African issues in the African way. China is ready to play a constructive role in promoting peace and stability in Africa and will support African countries to strengthen their independent capacity for safeguarding stability and peace.


Promote harmony between man and nature


China will work with Africa to pursue green, low-carbon, circular and sustainable development and protect our lush mountains and lucid waters and all living beings on our planet.



❶ 实施产业促进行动

First, China will launch an industrial promotion initiative. 


We have decided to open a China-Africa economic and trade expo in China.

❷ 实施设施联通行动

Second, China will launch an infrastructure connectivity initiative. 


We have decided to jointly formulate a China-Africa infrastructure cooperation plan with the African Union.


We will support Africa in developing the Single African Air Transport Market and open more direct flights between China and Africa.


Third, China will launch a trade facilitation initiative.


We have decided to increase imports, particularly non-resource products, from Africa. We support African countries in participating in the China International Import Expo. The least developed African countries participating in it will be exempted from paying exhibition stand fees.

❹ 实施绿色发展行动

Fourth, we will launch a green development initiative.


We have decided to undertake 50 projects for green development and ecological and environmental protection in Africa to expand exchanges and cooperation with Africa on climate change, ocean, desertification prevention and control, and wildlife protection.


Fifth, we will launch a capacity building initiative.


Ten Luban Workshops will be set up in Africa to provide vocational training for young Africans.


A tailor-made program will be carried out to train 1,000 high-caliber Africans. 

❻ 实施健康卫生行动

Sixth, we will launch a health care initiative. 


China has decided to upgrade 50 medical and health aid programs for Africa, particularly flagship projects such as the headquarters of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention and China-Africa Friendship Hospitals. 

❼ 实施人文交流行动

Seventh, we will launch a people-to-people exchange initiative.


China decided to establish an institute of African studies to enhance exchanges with Africa on civilization.


Fifty joint cultural, sports and tourism events will be organized. 


A China-Africa media cooperation network will be established. 

❽ 实施和平安全行动

Eighth, we will launch a peace and security initiative.


China decided to set up a China-Africa peace and security fund.


A China-Africa peace and security forum will be established.



I am confident that the baton of China-Africa friendship will be passed from one generation to the next and that China and Africa, working together, will build an even more vibrant community with a shared future. The day will surely come when the Chinese nation realizes its dream of national renewal and Africa realizes its dream of unity and invigoration!

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