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1. 2018年中非合作论坛北京峰会在京举行

2. 刘强东不当性行为案最新进展

3. 巴西博物馆大火

4. 亚马逊市值破万亿

5. 日本台风“飞燕”




the 2018 Beijing summit of the FOCAC

▲9月3日,中非合作论坛北京峰会在人民大会堂隆重开幕。中国国家主席习近平出席开幕式并发表题为《携手共命运 同心促发展》的主旨讲话。 新华社记者 刘卫兵 摄

The 2018 Beijing summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was held on Sept. 3 and 4 in Beijing.


Attending the meeting were foreign ministers and ministers or representatives responsible for foreign economic and trade affairs from 53 African members of the FOCAC and senior representatives of the African Union Commission.


Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech titled "Work Together for Common Development and a Shared Future" while attending the opening ceremony.

中国国家主席习近平出席开幕式并发表题为《携手共命运 同心促发展》的主旨讲话。

Xi said China will implement eight major initiatives with African countries in the next three years and beyond, covering fields such as industrial promotion, infrastructure connectivity, trade facilitation, and green development.


The summit issued the Beijing Declaration -- Toward an Even Stronger China-Africa Community with a Shared Future, which crystalized consensus of China and Africa on current major international and regional issues, and sent the world a strong signal of the two sides going forward hand in hand, Xi said.


The FOCAC Beijing Action Plan (2019-2021) was also adopted at the summit to confirm that China and Africa will comprehensively enhance pragmatic cooperation focusing on the implementation of the eight major initiatives, Xi said.



foreign minister  外交部长

the African Union Commission  非洲联盟委员会

deliver a keynote speech  发表主旨讲话

initiative  n.主动权;首创精神;新方案;倡议 adj.主动的;自发的;起始的

crystalize  使结晶;使成形;使具体化

pragmatic cooperation  务实合作




sexual misconduct case


The alleged rape victim of Chinese billionaire Liu Qiangdong, who was arrested in Minneapolis last week following a visit to the University of Minnesota, is reportedly a Chinese University student, according to the Wall Street Journal Wednesday.


Liu, also known as Richard Liu, is a student with the Carlson School’s China Doctor of Business Administration program. He was arrested by the Minneapolis Police Department for sexual misconduct and booked into jail Friday night and released Saturday afternoon, according to reports.


Liu, founder of online retailer JD.com, was in Minneapolis for a DBA residency program from Aug. 26 to Sept. 1. DBA is a degree offered by Carlson School in partnership with Chinese university that caters to “top-level executives” working in China.


MPD’s investigation is currently ongoing, and the University was unable to comment further.



book into jail  拘捕

online retailer  线上零售商

in partnership with  和…合作

cater to  迎合;为…服务

top-level executive  高管




Brazil museum fire

A massive fire engulfed the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro on Sept.2. A collection of more than 20 million items are under threat.


The museum press services reported no injuries as the fire broke out at night when the museum was closed to the public.


The 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil was left gutted. Though the extent of the damage remains unknown, aerial images show widespread damage throughout the building, which was home to an estimated 20 million artifacts spanning 11,000 years.


Protesters took to the street following reports linking the fire with government spending cuts and inadequate maintenance of key infrastructure, including the building's sprinkler system.



engulf  吞没;吞食,狼吞虎咽

gut  n.内脏;肠子;剧情;胆量;海峡;勇气;直觉;肠  vt.取出内脏;摧毁(建筑物等)的内部  adj. 简单的;本质的,根本的;本能的,直觉的

aerial images  航拍影像

sprinkler system自动喷水灭火系统;自动洒水装置




Amazon reaches $1 trillion market value

Amazon on Tuesday became the second publicly traded company to reach $1 trillion in market value, hot on the heels of iPhone maker Apple.


The milestone is another sign of Amazon's swift rise from an online bookseller to a behemoth that sells toilet paper, TVs and just about anything. In its two decades, Amazon has expanded far beyond online shopping and into health care, advertising and cloud computing.


Its growth has boosted the fortunes of its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. His 16 percent stake in Amazon is now worth more than $160 billion. Forbes magazine placed him at the top of its list of billionaires for the first time this year, surpassing Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett.


Amazon's stock has increased almost 600 percent in the last five years, including a more than 70 percent surge so far in 2018 alone. On Tuesday morning, the stock climbed enough to push the company's valuation pass the $1 trillion mark, although it dropped back slightly after that.


Apple topped the $1 trillion mark in early August.



publicly traded company  上市公司

hot on the heels of  紧随其后,接踵而至

behemoth  n. 巨兽;河马  adj. 巨大的;高大的

surge  n. 汹涌;大浪,波涛;汹涌澎湃;巨涌  v. 汹涌;起大浪,蜂拥而来




Japan's Typhoon Jebi

Japan began on Wednesday to clean up after a powerful typhoon killed 11 people, injured hundreds and stranded thousands at Kansai flooded airport on Tuesday.


The airport is expected to partially reopen Friday after officials promised round-the-clock work to repair damage and make the travel hub ready for passengers.


About 3,000 tourists were stuck overnight at the Airport in western Japan. But by afternoon many people had been rescued by bus or ferried by ship from the airport, where puddles still stood on the main runway after it was inundated on Tuesday.


Typhoon Jebi, or “swallow” in Korean, was briefly a super typhoon and was the most powerful storm to hit Japan in 25 years. It came after months of heavy rain, landslides, floods and record-breaking heat that killed hundreds of people this summer.


Two powerful earthquakes rocked Japan within 20 minutes of each other early Thursday, just over a day after a typhoon in the country.



strand  v.使搁浅;使陷于困境;弄断;使落后  n. 线;串;海滨

round-the-clock  adj. 全天的;全天候的;不分昼夜的;连续不停的

puddle  v.使泥泞,搅浑;把…捣制成胶土;搅炼;用胶土填塞;搅泥浆;在水坑中嬉戏  n. 水坑,泥潭;胶土

inundate  淹没;泛滥;浸水;(洪水般的)扑来


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