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1. 委内瑞拉与美国断交

2. 美国计划引渡孟晚舟

3. 国足0-3负伊朗,止步亚洲杯八强

4. 世界首例生物节律紊乱体细胞克隆猴诞生 

5. 北京大兴国际机场开始校飞




Venezuela breaks off diplomatic relations with US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Wednesday that the country has cut off diplomatic relations with the United States, giving American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country.


Earlier that day, US President Donald Trump said that the United States had recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the nation's "interim president," a move that came after Nicolas Maduro was inaugurated as president of the Latin American country earlier this month.


"Today, I am officially recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela," Trump said in a statement issued by the White House.


Trump added that the United States would continue to use economic and diplomatic power to press for "the restoration of Venezuelan democracy."


Guaido, head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, declared himself "interim president" of Venezuela earlier Wednesday.— China Daily



cut off relations with… 和…断绝关系

opposition  n. 反对;反对派;在野党;敌对

interim  adj.临时的,暂时的;中间的;间歇的n.过渡时期,中间时期;暂定

inaugurate  创新;开辟;开创;举行开幕典礼;举行就职典礼;使就职

national assembly  国民大会;国民议会

restoration  恢复;复位;王政复辟;归还




US plan to extradite Meng Wanzhou

China on Wednesday said the U.S. plan to extradite Meng Wanzhou, Huawei chief financial officer, from Canada did not comply with international law or have legitimacy.


The remarks came as Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying reiterated China's position on the Meng Wanzhou case at a press briefing.


Hua said the U.S. request for Meng's extradition was essentially related to U.S. sanctions against Iran.


"Huawei has stated for many times that it has complied with all laws and regulations of the country in which it operates," Hua said.


She stressed that China had consistently opposed the U.S. unilateral sanctions against Iran and unilateral sanctions against Iran outside the framework of the UN Security Council, which are not in line with international law and are opposed by the world, including U.S. allies.


"Canada is also opposed to this issue," Hua said. "The U.S. act is highly political which is essentially technology bullying, and its purpose is to do everything in its power to suppress Chinese high-tech enterprises and contain China's legitimate development rights."


She said people of insight and a sense of justice in the international community should resolutely oppose it.— Xinhua



extradite  引渡;获取…的引渡

chief financial officer (CFO)  首席财务官

comply with  照做,遵守

legitimacy /lɪ'dʒɪtɪməsɪ/  合法;合理;正统

spokesperson  发言人;代言人

reiterate /riː'ɪtəreɪt/ 重申;反复地做

press briefing  新闻发布会;记者招待会;新闻简报会

sanction  n.制裁,处罚;认可;支持vt.制裁,处罚;批准;鼓励

unilateral  单边的;[植] 单侧的;单方面的;单边音;(父母)单系的

UN Security Council  联合国安理会

resolutely  坚决地;毅然地




Asian Cup

Iran beat China 3-0 here on Thursday to reach their first AFC Asian Cup semifinal since 2004.


Azmoun's header from a corner almost put Iran ahead in the 11th minute but the 38-year-old veteran Zheng Zhi cleared the threat off the line. However, veteran defender Feng Xiaoting's mistake allowed Azmoun to send a beautifully-weighted pass to Mehdi Taremi who opened the scoring on 18 minutes.


China coach Marcello Lippi made two changes after 28 minutes as China tried to find a way back into the game, but the momentum remained with Iran. Azmoun took advantage of another defense error, dribbling past Chinese keeper Yan Junling and made it 2-0.


China were in desperate trouble in the stoppage-time as Iran bulit a three-goal lead by substitute Karim Ansarifard, who sealed the win with Taremi's assist on 91 minutes.


"When you face a strong team like Iran, you have to avoid making the mistakes. I did not expected we lost the game in this way," Lippi said.


"What makes me sad is we gifted a team like Iran three goals in such an important match. Our players did thier best during the tournament, but tonight, I don't want to say 'thank you' to them," said Lippi. —Xinhua



header  头球;页眉;数据头;收割台

veteran  n.老兵;老手;富有经验的人;老运动员  adj.经验丰富的;老兵的

defender  后卫;防卫者,守卫者;辩护者;拥护者;卫冕者

pass  n.及格;经过;护照;途径;传球v.经过;传递;变化;终止

momentum  势头;[物] 动量;动力;冲力

dribble  n.点滴;运球  vt.连击;使滴下;运球  vi.滴下;流口水

stoppage time  伤停补时;停工时间




cloned monkeys


The first five monkey clones made from a gene-edited parent with biological rhythm problems were born during the last six months in Shanghai. Subsequent observations could result in help for humans with similar disorders.



The five clones were created from the fibroblasts of an adult macaque whose DNA had been edited to remove a gene, BMAL1, that helps regulate circadian rhythms. Researchers wanted to see if disorders showed up prominently in cloned offspring that lacked the regulation.



Mu-ming Poo, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the director of its Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai, said the studies showed that China had mastered the capability of producing a population of customized gene-edited macaques with uniform genetic background that would advance biomedical research and promote the discovery of new drugs. — China Daily



biological rhythm  生物节律

fibroblast /'faɪbrə(ʊ)blæst/  [基医] 纤维原细胞;纤维组织母细胞

macaque /mə'kɑːk/  [脊椎] 猕猴,恒河猴;短尾猿

circadian rhythm  [生理] 生理节律;[生理] 近昼夜节律;日周期节律

offspring  后代,子孙;产物

neuroscience  神经系统科学(指神经病学、 神经化学等)

biomedical research  生物医学研究




Beijing Daxing International Airport under flight check

With the first test flight completed on Tuesday, Beijing Daxing International Airport has started a flight check due to end on March 15.


Within nearly two months, four runaways, six instrument landing systems, seven lighting systems, one navigation system and a flight range finder, as well as a set of flight procedures, will go through thorough checks.


Upon the completion of the tests, sources with the air traffic management authority said that the airport would be ready for operation.


Che Jinjun, director of the Air Traffic Management Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), said that the airport's air traffic control support project was the largest of its kind in China, spanning Beijing and Hebei Province.


Scheduled to open before Sept. 30, the airport sits at the junction of Beijing's Daxing District and Langfang, a city in Hebei. The new airport is expected to handle 45 million passengers annually by 2021 and 72 million by 2025. —Xinhua



test flight  试飞

navigation system  导航系统

range finder  测距仪,测远仪

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)  中国民用航空局

junction  连接,接合;交叉点;接合点


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