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1. 当街暴打女子的男子被抓

2. 操场埋尸案

3. 章莹颖案嫌犯罪名成立

4. 加拿大对华出口肉类证书造假

5. 全球首位AI法官




man who violently attacked woman caught

The man who violently attacked a woman on a street in Dalian, Liaoning province, on Saturday has been placed under criminal detention for violence and sexual assault, local police said in the early hours of Thursday.



A CCTV footage showing the man punching and kicking a woman for 68 seconds on a street in the early hours of Saturday began to circulate Monday evening on social media, and soon turned into a hot issue on the internet.



In the footage, a woman is seen walking alone while looking at her cellphone. Suddenly, a man walks over to her and starts punching her in the face with his fists. He then kicks her in the head and abdomen after she falls on the ground. The man also tries to pull down her skirt. At last, the man drags her out of the monitoring range of the surveillance camera.



More details of the case were unveiled in a statement released by Dalian police around 1 am on Thursday. Wu and her friend surnamed Yu were walking home together after having a drink. They said goodbye to each other near the community where Wu lives. As the 29-year-old continued to walk home, she was attacked by the man. After she became unconscious, the man dragged her into the hallway of an apartment building and sexually assaulted her. The man then fled on a taxi, the police said.



Wang, 31, from Dalian said Wang had emotional disputes with his girlfriend and was drunk. He took a taxi to go to his girlfriend's place and she broke up with him over the phone. Wang became furious and got off the taxi. He then met Wu and carried out the attack.



(英文来源:China Daily)


criminal detention  刑事拘留

sexual assault  性侵犯;性暴行

CCTV  闭路电视监控系统

punch  n. 冲压机;打洞器;钻孔机  vt. 开洞;以拳重击  vi. 用拳猛击

hallway  n. 走廊;门厅;玄关

break up  打碎,破碎;结束;解散;衰落



buried body case 

▲ 图片来源:Xinhua


Police in Huaihua, Hunan province, confirmed on Sunday night that a body found buried under a high school sports ground last week is that of Deng Shiping, a former member of the school's maintenance staff, who went missing more than 16 years ago.



Just after midnight on Wednesday, police dug up a body that had been buried under the running track at Xinhuang No 1 Middle School many years ago.



The remains retrieved were a skeleton and fragments of clothing, Huaihua police said.



The police said they discovered the body after an alleged member of a criminal gang, Du Shaoping, confessed during a crackdown on gang-related crimes in mid-April that he had killed a man surnamed Deng. Du said he murdered Deng in January 2003 and buried him under the sports ground.



Police have arrested Huang Binsong, the former headmaster of the school.



In 2001, Du Shaoping, the nephew of the then headmaster Huang, was in charge of building the school's sports ground, while Deng oversaw the project's quality control.



A jury team assembled on Monday by the local discipline inspection and investigation department was sent to investigate the case, looking for more detailed information, as well as answers for the public.



(英文来源:China Daily, China Plus)


running track  跑道;行车车线

remains  n. 残余;遗骸

retrieve  vt.[计] 检索;恢复;重新得到 vi.找回猎物 n.[计] 检索;恢复,取回

skeleton /'skelɪt(ə)n/  n.骨架,骨骼;纲要;骨瘦如柴的人 adj.骨骼的;骨瘦如柴的;概略的

fragment  n.碎片;片段或不完整部分 vt.使成碎片 vi.破碎或裂开

alleged  adj. 所谓的;声称的;被断言的

confess  vt.承认;坦白;忏悔;供认 vi.承认;坦白;忏悔;供认

crackdown  n. 镇压;(美)制裁;强制取缔;惩罚

gang  n.群;一伙;一组 vt.使成群结队;结伙伤害或恐吓某人 vi.成群结队

oversee  vt. 监督;审查;俯瞰;偷看到,无意中看到

assemble  vt.集合,聚集;装配;收集 vi.集合,聚集

inspection  n. 视察,检查




Brendt Christensen found guilty

▲ 克里斯滕森/资料图


Brendt Christensen has been found guilty in the kidnapping and death of Chinese scholar Yingying Zhang, setting the stage for what could be the first death sentence handed down within Illinois since the state abolished capital punishment in 2011.



The 12-person jury deliberated for less than two hours to reach the verdict, which was largely expected given that Christensen’s own defense team has repeatedly said during trial he was responsible for Zhang’s kidnapping and death.



Christensen, a former University of Illinois Ph.D. candidate in physics, was also found guilty of two counts of making false statements to the FBI.



The same jury that convicted Christensen will be brought back for sentencing beginning July 8. The sentencing phase will play out much like another trial, with opening and closing statements from both sides, and presentation of evidence before the jury makes its decision.



Because he was convicted of a federal crime of kidnapping resulting in death, Christensen faces only two options: a life sentence or the death penalty.





kidnapping  n. 绑架;诱拐

set the stage for  为…作好准备;为…打好基础

death sentence  死刑;死刑判决

abolish  vt. 废除,废止;取消,革除

capital punishment  死刑

jury  n.[法] 陪审团;评判委员会 adj.应急的

deliberate  adj.故意的;深思熟虑的;从容的 vt.仔细考虑;商议

verdict  n. 结论;裁定

trial  n.试验;审讯;努力;磨炼 adj.试验的;审讯的

Ph.D. candidate  博士在读生

counts of  ……的数目;......的价值

play out  结束;放出;用完;做完

life sentence  无期徒刑




falsified meat certificates

China has urged Canada to take effective rectifying measures to ensure safety of food exported to China, after discovering falsified meat certificates.



Chinese customs authorities recently detected ractopamine residues in a batch of pork products from Canada, and immediately suspended the import from the Canadian company and asked the Canadian authorities to investigate.



The investigation found a total of 188 veterinary health certificates for the pork were counterfeit, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told a press briefing on Wednesday.



"These forged certificates were sent to the Chinese regulatory authorities through Canadian official certificate notification channel. This indicates the existence of obvious safety loopholes in Canada's meat export supervision system," Geng said.



China subsequently took urgent preventive measures and requested the Canadian government to suspend the issuance of certificates for meat export to China starting from June 25, Geng said.





rectify   vt. 改正;精馏;整流

falsify   vt. 伪造;篡改;歪曲;证明...虚假 vi. 撒谎

ractopamine   莱克多巴胺(瘦肉精)

residue /'rezɪdjuː/   n. 残渣;剩余;滤渣

a batch of  一批

veterinary  /'vet(ə)rɪn(ə)rɪ/  adj.兽医的 n.兽医(等于veterinarian)

counterfeit /'kaʊntəfɪt/  adj.(钱币或商品)伪造的,假冒的;(古旧用法)假装的,虚假的 v.伪造,仿造,造假;假装;(文)酷似 n.仿冒品,伪造物,赝品

press briefing   新闻发布会;记者招待会;新闻简报会

forged   adj. 锻的;锻造的;伪造的

regulatory   adj. 管理的;控制的;调整的

loophole   n. 漏洞;枪眼;换气孔;射弹孔

preventive   adj.预防性的,防备的;防病的 n.预防药,预防疗法

issuance /'ɪʃjuːəns/   n. 发布,发行




AI judge

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