How To Stop Doubting Yourself 2013/09/16747

Has there been a time where you had no sense of direction?

It always went like this for me: Whenever there is a new goal, I tend to be very optimistic about it. I always get energized and can’t wait to get things moving.

These goals of yours can be anything, like losing weight, saving up money, or perhaps wanting to become famous one day! These are all very exciting things to look forward to, and most of us will be eager to get the ball rolling.

Then along the way, you are suddenly hit by an unexpected wave of doubts.

Doubts that make you think that everything doesn’t matter anymore. Doubts that make you think that you took the wrong road. Doubts that make you want to give it all in. It’s almost too hard to say “I will keep on going” and instead, quit.

So the number on the weight scale isn’t moving. Your bank account doesn’t seem to be increasing. Trying to become famous is almost a joke. It seems as if everything is doubtful.

On a day to day basis, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated. It can be hard to hold your head high up. At the same time, we all need to keep on going. What we think or feel at this very moment doesn’t matter. What does matter is how we respond to it.

I will feel stress, but stress is another way of letting me know that I’m breathing; that I’m alive.

Without stress, we would never know what feels good. The main important thing is that you do not give up. Because once you give up, then no one can help you.

I run a personal development website. Ironic thing is that there are times where I will feel unmotivated about myself. Even the toughest knight has his weakest moment. Even though I run such website, it doesn’t mean that I am forbidden to ever feel doubtful from time to time.

Just because you’re expected to do something, it doesn’t mean that you will have second thoughts and regrets.

But do not let these second thoughts and regrets make you quit what you started. You and I both need to keep going.

Here are the following things that kept my mind positive again—even after being unsuccessful and having doubts.

Take A Break

Sometimes it is our mind that goes against us. I will find that my time spent alone, doing absolutely nothing, will help get me straighten out.

I think. I ponder. Sometimes I will wonder why this is meant to be. Then I realized why I wanted this; why I started it.

Many people often quit at something they began. There may be several reasons, such as time constraint or other’s opinions that influences their belief system. Either way, it is no excuse.

Whenever you find yourself having doubts, take a break. Give yourself time to think. Ask yourself what made you get into this goal. It will get you to realize why you started it in the first place.

Finding support

It’s not always easy coping things alone. I find my own support through friends and reading other inspirational websites.

Sometimes we all need to hear something that will get us moving again. We just need to reach out to others who understand us. For many years, I thought holding this feeling inside would be fine. It’s not.The good news is that there is someone out there who understands you. There is someone out there who has gone through what you are going through. It’s all about relating to that person for support, and perhaps inspiration.

That stress needs to be let out, so don’t hold it in.

It Starts With Yourself

Remember that you run your own life. You are responsible for any plans and actions that you make. In between that, it’s your belief system that takes the planning and action to execute itself physically.If you cannot learn to support your own belief system, then others can’t expect to support you.

As humans, we will face time where there is no sense of direction. There will be a time where we will all reach a low point in life. From a larger scale, it’s not what you feel during these moment that matters. It’s how you make out of it that determines the real result.

The next time you ever doubt yourself, remember that it is only temporary. Don’t make it into a permanent thing by acting on it unwisely. Give yourself time and support, because the decision that you make today will affect you forever.

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