Cafe will allow you to use its WiFi - but only if you can solve this mind-bending equation


摘要:If you want to use the free wifi in the restraunt,you must work out the Math problem first.What a smart restraunt owner.

Owners of the Thai restaurant have given mathematicians a real test if they want to get free internet - but can it even be solved?

  Owners of a restaurant have left diners stumped with a mind-bending Wi-Fi brain teaser.

  It appears the people who run YaYa’s Thai restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, have a strange sense of humour after putting up a poster with a mathematical equation for the password.

  A photograph uploaded to Reddit by user Joshua_Glock shows the complicated maths question.

  He asked for help on the site and wrote: "This is the Wifi password at a local Thai restaurant. I’m determined to join their newtwork.

  "Where are the math wizards at?"

  And despite a number of ’maths wizards’ trying to solve the problem, a solution still hasn’t been found.

  Still, some Reddit users suspect the problem cannot be solved.

  One said the equation was a ’summation of a binomial probability density function’ - and we have no idea what that means either.

  The same commenter said the equation could be wrong, explaining that they ’strongly doubt the divider between N/m should even be there.’

  It is unclear why Yaya’s owners decided to make it so difficult to log on at the restaurant.

  However, some have suggested it could be that they became tired of people stealing the signal.

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