People aged 18-30 have toughest time in life


A plurality of the public believe young people aged between 18 and 30 have the toughest time, with work pressure and financial worries the leading cause of stress, according to a survey.

  The study of 2,003 adults of all ages found that work stress and financial worries are significant sources of pressure for 59.8 percent and 55.1 percent of adults respectively.

  Other major sources of stress include feeling anxious and lost (32.6 percent), a lack of promotion opportunities (32.3 percent), and emotional instability (28 percent).

  Wang Yong, a post-90s salesman, said he is currently experiencing extreme stress over money. "I have got nothing two years after graduating and this uncomfortable situation might last for another two or three years."

  The good news is that, on average, 40.3 percent of respondents reported their stress levels are trending downward.

  Nearly 55.1 percent reported negative emotions and lessening pressure with more effective mental hints or motivational keywords, according to the report.

  Some people take other steps to reduce stress. Talking with friends, allowing time to heal, and resorting to parent and professional counseling were reported by about half of respondents as ways to reduce stress.

  To combat financial stress, He Shanjun, an associate professor at China University of Political Science and Law, noted that adults who are feeling squeezed and are out of balance in their life should persevere with their careers and weather the tough times.

  "It might be the best time for the young, especially between 18 and 30, to experience hardship and build up willpower."

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