Does Your Shampoo Really Stop Working When Your Hair Gets Used To It?


  Discovering a shampoo that leaves your locks looking like the Duchess of Cambridge’s is the ultimate beauty mini fist pump. But gradually, as you use it more the magical effects of said shampoo seem to wear off. “It’s just your hair getting used to it,” your mum/stylist/hair guru you follow on Instagram said. And so you sigh, stick the shampoo back under the sink and head off in search of your next wonder product.

  It sort of makes sense - why else would something that left you looking salon-fresh at first suddenly start looking more hair-meh ten washes in? But are there some other factors at play? Can your hair really get used to a certain shampoo?

  Marie Claire spoke to the hair bods in the know and it turns out that nope, it’s not true. Your hair cannot get so used to a product that it just stops working.

  So what’s the deal? Celebrity hair stylist for Dove, Cynthia Alvarez, explained that there are a number of contributing factors to your hair riddle, but basically, it’s not the shampoo:

  “A shampoo does not stop working because your hair gets used to it,” she said. “If your shampoo stops giving you the results you want, the condition and needs of your hair have most likely changed, or the season may have changed - it’s more humid, the sun is stronger, or the air is dryer. Your state of health or hormone levels may also be different from a recent illness or your monthly cycle.”

  In other words you need to quit shaming the shampoo. So what can you do to try and hang onto Duchess-esque locks for a little longer? Alvarez recommends switching up your haircare regime when factors, such as the weather, change. When its cold, try moisture-rich formulas and when its humid a product that tackles frizz.

  Experts also recommend keeping an eye on the amount of shampoo and conditioner you’re using because over conditioning can clog up pores on the scalp, leading to greasy hair.

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