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1. 中欧投资协定达成

2. 全国两会明年三月召开

3. 未成年人刑责年龄下调

4. 京雄城际铁路开通运营

5. 教育部颁布育惩戒规则




investment agreement between China and the European Union

Chinese President Xi Jinping and European leaders on Wednesday announced that the two sides have completed investment agreement negotiations as scheduled. 


The announcement was made during a meeting between Xi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, President of the European Council Charles Michel and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen via video link.


Calling the investment agreement between China and the European Union (EU) as "balanced, high-standard and mutually beneficial," Xi said the treaty has shown China's determination and confidence to push high-level opening up.


"The agreement will provide greater market access, higher level of business environment, stronger institutional guarantees and brighter cooperation prospects for mutual investment," Xi said.


The treaty will also greatly boost world economic recovery in the post-pandemic era, enhance the international community's confidence in economic globalization and free trade, making significant contributions to the building of an open world economy, the Chinese president said.


The Chinese and European leaders exchanged New Year greetings and jointly stated that they will maintain close communication in the upcoming new year, jointly advance the agenda of major exchanges between the two sides, and promote the continuous development of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership.




strike a deal 达成协议

as scheduled 如期

mutually /ˈmjuːtʃuəli/  adv. 相互地,彼此,共同地

market access 市场准入

post-pandemic era 后疫情时代

continuous /kənˈtɪnjuəs/  adj. 不断的,持续的,连续的;延伸的,遍布的;反复的,频繁的;[语法] 进行时态

comprehensive strategic partnership 全面战略合作伙伴关系




two sessions

The 13th National People's Congress will hold its fourth annual session in Beijing on March 5, 2021, according to a decision made by the NPC Standing Committee on Saturday.


The fourth session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top political advisory body, is expected to start on March 4, 2021, according to a draft decision approved at a Chairperson's Council meeting of the 13th CPPCC National Committee.


Thousands of national lawmakers and political advisors will gather in Beijing for this important political meeting that covers every aspect of China's development and the people's well-being.


They are expected to discuss a series of policies and measures, including the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives through the Year 2035.


(英文来源:China Daily)


National People's Congress  全国人民代表大会

NPC Standing Committee  全国人大常委会

Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference  中国人民政治协商会议

14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development  国民经济和社会发展第十四个五年计划

chairperson  主席;会长;系主任;董事长

well-being  健康;安乐;康乐




age of juvenile criminal responsibility

The amendment to the Criminal Law was passed by the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, the country's top legislature, on Saturday after a third review. The revised law will take effect from March 1.


The age of criminal responsibility in China has been lowered to 12 years old in some special conditions in accordance with a newly amended law, as a move to fight serious offenses committed by the very young.


If a juvenile who has reached the age of 12, but is under 14, commits intentional homicide or inflicts an injury that leads to death,or causes severe injury to the person, reducing the person to utter disability by resorting to cruel means, he or she shall bear criminal responsibility upon attestation and approval of the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP).


The age of criminal liability in the country is 16, with people between 14 and 16 are to be held criminal liable if they commit serious violent crimes, including intentional homicide, intentional injury, rape and robbery.


(英文来源:China Daily)


juvenile /ˈdʒuːvənaɪl/  adj. [法律] 少年的,未成年的;幼稚的,不成熟的,孩子气的 n. [法律] 少年

criminal responsibility 刑事责任

amendment  n. (法律、文件的)改动,修正案,修改,修订

Criminal Law [法] 刑法

Standing Committee of National People's Congress 全国人民代表大会常务委员会

legislature /ˈledʒɪsleɪtʃə(r)/  n. [正式] 立法机关

take effect 生效,奏效

offense(或offence)/əˈfens/  n. 违法行为,犯罪,罪行;冒犯,搅扰,侮辱

intentional homicide 故意杀人

inflict /ɪnˈflɪkt/  v. 使遭受打击;使吃苦头

utter /ˈʌtə(r)/  adj. 完全的,十足的,彻底的 v. 出声,说,讲

resort to sth 诉诸,求助于,依靠

attestation /,æte'steɪʃən/  n. 证明;证据;证实;宣誓

Supreme People's Procuratorate 最高人民检察院

be held criminal liable 被追究刑事责任

correctional education 矫正教育




Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway

Passengers now can travel from Beijing's center to Xiongan New Area within 50 minutes, thanks to the Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway, which was officially put into use on Sunday, a significant step in boosting the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster.


Construction on the northern section from Beijing West Railway Station to the Beijing Daxing International Airport commenced in 2018. It was put into use last year, with a designated speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The newly completed section from the Daxing Airport to Xiongan allows a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. 


It's reported that it takes only 19 minutes from the Daxing Airport to Xiongan Railway Station and 50 minutes from Beijing West Railway Station to Xiongan station.




intercity /ˌɪntəˈsɪti/  adj. 城市间的;跨城市的

put into use  使用,应用;投入使用

cluster  n. 群;簇;丛;串 vi. 群聚;丛生 vt. 使聚集;聚集在某人的周围

commence /kəˈmens/  v. 开始;着手;<英>获得学位

designated /'dezɪɡ,neɪtɪd/  adj. 指定的;特指的




guideline on teachers' rights to discipline students

The Chinese educational authority has recently issued rules to ban corporal punishment at schools.



Educators are forbidden to use improper approaches to discipline their students, including corporal punishment, verbal abuse, collective punishment for individual violations and other methods that could harm students' physical and mental health, according to a set of rules issued by the Ministry of Education.



The rules also clarified the conditions under which educators can exercise disciplinary measures, as well as the scope of the punishments.


Students committing minor misconduct should only receive punishments such as writing self-criticism or taking part in classroom chores, said the rules, noting that more severe violations can be punished with approaches including being educated on school disciplinary policies.



Only senior primary school students and above can be punished with class suspension, said the rules.




corporal /ˈkɔːpərəl/  n. 下士;(舰艇的)纠察长助理;圣餐布

corporal punishment  体罚;肉刑

verbal /ˈvɜːbl/  adj. 文字的;言语的;词语的;口头(而非书面)的;动词的

verbal abuse  口头谩骂;说粗话,用污言秽语

collective /kəˈlektɪv/  adj. 集体的;共同的;集合的;集体主义的 n. 集团;集合体;集合名词

misconduct  失职;处理不当;行为不端;管理不善

chore /tʃɔːr/  日常事务;例行工作;令人厌烦的任务;乏味无聊的工作


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